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Feeding the birds all year round

There are many reasons why we should continue to feed the birds all year... Read on to find out why!


Autumn & Winter


In Autumn, nature usually provides plenty of berries and fruit for the birds, but they need other types of food in their diet too. Oils, fats and proteins are fuel in the colder months for our feathered friends. A sudden cold snap in early autumn can be fatal


for our garden birds – so help them out and put food out that will support them. Having a reliable food source in the colder months means that they will not waste energy hunting for food. If you’ve been feeding throughout the summer months your local birds will already know where to find you on the first frosty morning!


Autumn / Winter Booster is ideal for all birds during the colder winter months, typically from September to February, depending on when the cold weather arrives!


Spring & Summer


Adult Birds are in full song – claiming territories, attracting a mate, building nests and brooding eggs. All this work is very tiring and depletes the birds energy levels and immune systems.


While they are busy working they are not feeding. So popping regular bird food out in a feeder or on your bird table will really help to support them. In no time at all its nestling’s and fledglings galore! Parent birds can make over 200 visits to the nest a day bringing food and insects.


Remember to choose what you feed selectively, as whole peanuts can choke tiny nestling’s and fledglings.


If food is plentiful enough the parent birds will raise 2, 3 or even 4 broods over the summer! You’ll be doing your bit to support our UK bird population. This is becoming ever more important as more and more natural habitat is lost to build new homes and roads for us humans!


Spring and Summer Booster is ideal for, fledglings and exhausted parent birds. Depending on the weather – we recommend feeding Spring / Summer Booster from around March through to August time.




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