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Bird & Bee Friendly

Upton WildflowersA wildflower field margin on the farm


Britain's birds and bees are losing out to modern farming and urbanisation. That’s why we source all of our British cereals from bird and bee friendly farmers like us, directly helping them to protect and develop their wildlife habitats.


To qualify as bird and bee friendly, our farmers must be recognised by the government as achieving the highest level of environmental stewardship and have an ongoing commitment to wildlife friendly farming.  They all grow large areas of mixed seeds which are left for the birds to eat during the late winter and spring, as well as flower and clover rich areas to provide pollen and nectar for bumble bees and other insects.


On our farm, alongside conventional crops, we now dedicate more than 10% of our land to wild flowers and seed rich crops that provide food and shelter for wildlife. With your support, we can give more farmers an incentive to do the same.


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