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Bird of the Month May - Chaffinch

Date Posted: 01/05/2016 - Author: Birds And Bees - Category: Bird of the Month

This pretty songbird 15cm (6in) in length is more a visitor of gardens located near woods and in Chaffinch_BOMthe country. It’s a brave bird as well as attractive, and can quite often be found protecting bird feeders with greenfinches. Has quite a character!

Males have pink fronts and heads with a cap of slate blue, the colours all being brighter in spring and summer. The cap has a slight crest. It has a strong, sturdy beak typical of finches. Its wings are brown with a striking white bar towards the top.

The chaffinch has two calls – an assertive high tweet and also an elongated sweet rolling song that fades. Arguably one of the sweetest songs of the garden birds.


3 quirky facts

This bird had a dialect name of ‘the bachelor bird’ due to its often-seen all-male colonies in winter.

Chaffinches underwent the same persecution as goldfinches in that they made popular caged-birds in Victorian times. Not only was the bird considered highly attractive, its lovely song made it a valuable commodity too. Fortunately this trade was outlawed in 1896.

Chaffinches raise just one brood of chicks per year unlike many other finches and small garden birds.


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